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Futu mall

1. What is Futu Mall?

Futu Mall is exclusively open to Futu users. You can use your points to redeem various gifts in it.

2. What gifts are there in the Mall?

We will continue to increase the number of gifts offered in the Mall. Now the following gifts are available:

2.1 Themed Gifts

Classic gifts: Futubull cushion, seed cushion, money box;

Seasonal gifts: Every quarter, there will be new themed gifts offered by the Mall. Redemption of such gifts are limited, so do not miss the opportunity!


Currently only support redemptions by users from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, and no postage is required. We will send out the gifts within 21 days after the shipping address is filled in.

2.2 Tool Cards for Paper Trading

Reset Card: Restore the account to the initial state and clear all transaction records

X-Ray Card: View the positions and transactions of an undefended account for 24 hours

Defense Card: Prevent others from viewing positions and transactions of the account for 24 hours

2.3 HK Stock Commission-Free Seed

HK Stock Commission-Free Seeds can waive your commissions incurred for trading Hong Kong stocks for a fixed number of days.

2.4 Coupons and Cards

Commission Coupon: It can reduce or waive your commissions incurred during trading and needs to be used manually. The discount amount generated by the Coupon will be delivered to your Securities Account within 3 business days after the transaction is completed.

Fund Yield Coupon: It can add to your fund yields. It is applicable to all funds of Futu Money Plus and needs to be used manually.

China A-Share Quote Card: It can provide you with advanced quotes and needs to be used manually. Now it is only usable in Mainland China. Please read relevant instructions carefully before redemption.

OPRA Option Depth Quote Card: It provides real-time quotes and depth order book of options. It can only be used manually on Futubull App.

National Lv1 Quote Card: It provides real-time quotes from all 13 major U.S. stock exchange including NASDAQ, NYSE, and CBOE as well as OTC Data from FINRA TRF. It can only be used manually on Futubull App.

2.5 Corporate Gifts

Futu has cooperation arrangements with other leading companies to provide clients with exclusive benefits and discounts.

3. Other rules

3.1 All gifts can only be redeemed in Futubull App.

3.2  If a user is found to redeem gifts through improper means (including but not limited to cheating, using multiple accounts to redeem, disrupting the system, or carrying out cyber attacks), Futu shall have the right to cancel the user's gifts and not return the points.

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