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AI monitor

1. What is the AI monitor?

AI monitor is mainly to monitor unusual activities during trading hours. Help investors monitor unusual activities of six different markets (US, HK, CN, SG, and AU) without manually setting conditions on different stocks. This function can help investors find more investment opportunities. 

2. Description of different types of unusal activity

The unusual stock activity is divided into two categories: unusual trading volume and unusual price.

2.1 unusual trading volume: calculated by volume and turnover.

2.2 unusual price: calculated by stock price changes and ticker data. 

3. Long-Short Distribution and Price Volatility

3.1 Long-Short Distribution

  ● Long-Short Distribution: according to the turnover data of the market, calculate the distribution of profitable and shortable data. 

  ● Profitable data: weighted according to unusual trading volume data of the whole market (Block Buy, Soaring Trade, and Huge Volume Up).

  ● Shortable data: weighted according to the unusual profitable data of the whole market (Block Sale, Diving Trade, and Huge Volume Down).

  ● Neutral data: weighted according to the neutral unusual data of the whole market ((Unch) Hugh Volume).

3.2 Price Volatility

  ● Price volatility: according to the unusual price data of the market, calculate the deviation of price volatility. The more volatile to the direction of the white swan, the more profitable the market is. The more volatile the direction of the black swan, the more shortable the market is.

  ● White Swan: weighted according to the profitable data of the whole market (Bottom Rebound, Skyrocket, Swift Rise, and Change is up 7%) 

  ● Black Swan: according to the shortable data of the whole market (Top Reversal, Nosedive, Swift Fall, and Change is down 7%).

  Price Volatility: weighted based on the black swan, white swan, and the %chg of indexes. 

4. AI Monitor 

Supports 6 different markets, including US, HK, CN, SG, and AU.

Stock Selection: Markets, Watchlists, Sectors, and Indices.

5. Float bar

5.1 If you turn on the float bar under the US market, the float bar will continuously show the unusual activity of the US market. 

5.2 Float bar content: latest unusual activity data and market. 

5.3 Long press to move the float bar. 

6. Entry and Setting

6.1 Entry

  Path: Quotes -- Explore -- AI Monitor 

6.2 Setting entry on mobile

  Path 1: Quotes - Explore - AI Monitor - Setting

  Path 2: Settings - Quote Preference - AI Monitor

6.3 Setting entry on desktop

7. Risk Warning

All the data above are for reference only.

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