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Points introduction

1. What are points?

Points are your virtual assets in Futu.

You can use your points to exchange commission-free seed,  peripherals and other commodities in the reward club. You can also use your points to participate in various points activities organized by Futu.

In the future, we will have more points-related activities. So get more points from now.  

2. How to get points?

2.1 Sign in

Sign in at the Task Center to get points every day. Earn bonus points when you sign in for days in a row! 

2.2 Finish tasks

You can get points by finishing tasks in the Task Center.

2.3 Participate in activities

Participate in the activities organized by Futu, you have the opportunity to get points, please pay attention.

3. Other statements

3.1 Points cannot be transferred, converted into cash or used in other activities;

3.2 If the user uses the system to commit fraud, or maliciously collect points through other illegal means, the illegally obtained points will be deemed invalid. Futu reserves the right to cancel the qualifications of these users to participate in the points activities, and will not send or take back the products they have exchanged through malicious collection of points. Futu reserves the right to pursue the legal liabilities of these users.

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