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Technical Indicators

Moomoo provides a wealth of technical indicators, supports user-defined indicator parameters, self-editing indicators, and helps investors analyze stock trends. The indicators are divided into main graph indicators and sub graph indicators. The K-line graph is the main graph, the one below the main graph is the sub graph, and multiple sub graphs can be opened.

1. Mobile phone

1.1 In portrait mode, click on the sub-picture to switch indicators;

1.2 In landscape mode, drag the column on the right to view and switch frequently used indicators;

1.3 Indicator management: horizontal chart page-settings-indicator settings, or "more"-page settings in the lower right corner of the individual stock page, select "indicators" to enter indicator management, click "add indicators" below to view more indicators to add.

2. Desktop

2.1 The curve name and current value are displayed on the indicator bar, click the curve name to hide its display.

2.2 Click the setting button on the far right of the indicator bar, and the indicator parameter settings will pop up. You can set the indicator parameters, color, thickness, display and hidden, etc.

2.3 Stock page-the front of the indicator bar; from the chart-right-click menu-modify the indicator, enter the indicator management interface.

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