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Option Chain

1. Function entry

1.1 Mobile terminal

  1.1.1 Any U.S. Stock Quote Page-More-Related Options

  1.1.2 Quotes-Market-US Stocks-Option Chain

1.2 Desktop

  1.2.1 Stock tab-related options

  1.2.2 Strategy-U.S. stock options

2. Function introduction

2.1 Mobile

  2.1.1 The head of the option chain supports screening of call/put, exercise date, in-money/out-of-money, and browse layouts.

  2.1.2 By default, the option chain is displayed in a type 2 distribution, and users can also display it in a T-shaped distribution according to their own needs for easy comparison.

2.2 Desktop

  2.2.1 The option chain is sorted based on the strike price, and the call option CALL and the put option PUT are displayed on the left side.

  2.2.2 Double-click an option in the option chain to enter the corresponding option quote page.

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