Adjustment of quote right

OpenAPI implemented the new version of the Quote Right rules on February 25, 2020. For more information on how to get access to the quotes and the restriction rules, please click here.

The new version of the rules divides different quotation privileges for you according to your assets and trading situation, as follows.

User Type

Subscription Quota

Historical Candlestick Quota(within 30 days)

Finished Opening trading accounts.100100
Total asset >10,000 HKD.300300

Satisfy 1 of the items following:

1. Total asset >500,000 HKD;
2. The number of filled orders >200;
3. Trading volume >2 million HKD.


Satisfy 1 of the items following: 

1. Total asset >5 million HKD;
2.The number of filled orders>2000;
3.Trading volume>20 million HKD.



1. Total asset

Total asset, refers to your assets in FUTU HK, moomoo US, moomoo SG or moomoo AU, including securities accounts and Futures accounts.


2. The number of filled orders

It is calculated by taking the larger value of the number of filled orders the last natural month and that of the current natural month, that is:

max (the number of filled orders of the last natural month, the number of filled orders of the current natural month)


3. Trading volume

It is calculated by taking the larger value of the total trading volume of your last natural month and that of the current natural month, which is converted into HKD according to the spot exchange rate, that is:

max (the total trading volume of the last natural month, the total trading volume of the current natural month)

The calculation of futures trading value needs to be multiplied by the adjustment factor (0.1 by default). The formula for calculating futures trading volume is as follows:

Futures trading value = ∑ (volume of a single transaction * trading price * contract multiplier * exchange rate * adjustment factor)


4. Subscription Quota

It is applicable to the real-time data interface that can only be obtained after a subscription. One type of subscription for each stock takes up 1 subscription quota, and canceling the subscription will release the occupied quota.


Suppose your Subscription Quota is 100. When you subscribe to real-time order book for HK.00700, real-time ticker for US.AAPL, and real-time quotation for SH.600519 at the same time, the Subscription Quota will occupy 3, and the remaining Subscription Quota will be 97. At this time, if you cancel the real-time order book subscription of HK.00700, your Subscription Quota will become 2, and the remaining Subscription Quota will become 98.


5. Historical Candlestick Quota (within 30 days)

Suitable for Get Historical Candlesticks interface. In the last 30 days, requests for historical candlesticks of each stock will occupy one Historical Candlestick Quota. Repeated requests for historical candlestick of the same stock within the last 30 days will not be counted repeatedly.


Suppose your Historical Candlestick Quota is 100, and today is July 5, 2020. You have requested historical candlesticks for a total of 60 stocks between June 5, 2020 and July 5, 2020. The remaining Historical Candlestick Quota is 40.


Suppose your total assets in Futu Securities are currently converted to HKD 400,000. The number of transactions in the last month is 250, which is 180 in this month. The transaction amount in the last month is 1.9 million HKD, which is 1.5 million HKD in this month.

When calculating your quota, the total assets are 400,000 HKD, the number of transactions is 250, and the transaction amount is 1.9 million HKD.

The table above shows that your transaction number meets the requirement of greater than 200, so your subscription limit is 1000, and the historical candlestick limit (within 30 days) is 1000.

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