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What are the common reasons for login failures?

1. Procedural issues

1.1 Version is too low

If you fail to log in to Futubull, the software version may be too low. It is recommended that you update Futubull to the latest version. If it is the latest version, it is recommended that you shut down it for 5-10 minutes before logging in again.

1.2 Damaged software components

Some components of Futubull software are damaged, which may cause the software to fail to log in, just uninstall and reinstall.

2. Network issues

2.1 Network outage

The reason why the program cannot log in may be that your device cannot connect to the network. It is recommended that you check the network environment of the device to ensure a normal network environment.

2.2 The program is not allowed to use the network

If your device's network environment is normal, but the program cannot connect to the network, it is recommended that you check whether the program is allowed to use the device network.

3. Feedback/contact customer service

3.1 Feedback

If you still cannot log in after trying the above methods, you can go to Futu's official website to  feedback or contact customer service.

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