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Ticker and statistics

1. Function entry

1.1 Mobile

1.2 Desktop

1.3 Other operations

● In the chart on the detailed quotation page of individual stocks, the mobile phone side slides to switch the transaction detail and transaction statistics function on the current page, and the desktop terminal clicks the [Switch Mode] button to expand/collapse the transaction statistics function.

● Click anywhere on the function page on the mobile phone, and click the [More] button on the desktop to enter the complete function details page.

Special attention: Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks must have advanced quotation authority to view this function. See the link for advanced market permissions

2. Function introduction

2.1 Note by item

This function displays the transaction details of all transactions of individual stocks on the day, scrolling the page to view historical data.

● Mobile

● Desktop

2.2 Statistics

This function displays the overall statistical data of all transactions of individual stocks that day, as well as the distribution data based on each transaction price.

Area 1 supports filtering current statistical data according to three dimensions, including: filtering by transaction direction, by transaction period, and by date.

Area 2 supports filtering and displaying the number of transaction price statistical distribution data, including: top 20, top 50, and all.

● Mobile

● Desktop

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