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Commission card/coupon

1. Commission card/coupon

Commission cards/vouchers are prizes presented by events organized by Futu. The commission cards/vouchers can be used to deduct commission fees incurred when trading securities products.

2. Commission card usage rules

After obtaining the commission card, it needs to be activated within the validity period of the commission card. The commission card only needs to be activated once. If it is not activated after the validity period, the commission card will no longer be activated;

Only one commission card can be activated in the same market at a time. Futu supports the replacement of the activated commission card, and supports manual invalidation of the commission card:

Replacement of a new commission card: The commission card in effect will immediately become invalid and cannot be reactivated. The commission discount for the day will be calculated based on the new commission card after the replacement;

Hand-operated commission card: The commission card will be invalidated immediately and cannot be activated again.

The discount amount of a single transaction exceeds the single discount limit of the commission card, then the discount amount of this order is the single discount limit of the commission card, and the excess part does not count the commission card discount;

The single discount limit of the commission card can be checked on the commission card details page;

The final discount amount of the commission card is subject to the final transaction result of the order.

3. Commission coupon usage rules

Only one commission coupon can be used at a time, and the used commission coupon cannot be used again;

Whether the commission coupon is used successfully or not does not affect the order submission. If the commission coupon is not used successfully, the commission coupon will be refunded;

The final discount amount of the commission coupon is subject to the final transaction result of the order.

4. Commission card/coupon stacking rules

Only one commission card and commission coupon can be used at a time, and cannot be stacked or split.

When the commission card is in effect, you can choose to change the use of commission coupons. The order discount amount using commission coupons is calculated according to the commission coupon rules.

5. Commission card/coupon discount amount issuance time and viewing path

The commission card/coupon discount amount will be automatically issued to your securities account for payment within 1-3 working days after the transaction is completed. Check the path: "Transaction-Securities Account-Fund Details".

6. Other terms and conditions

Commission card/coupon discounts and related advertisements do not constitute Futu's offer, solicitation, recommendation, opinion or any guarantee for any securities, financial products or tools. Investment is risky and you must be cautious when entering the market;

The amount of commission card/coupon after verification is provided by Futu and has nothing to do with the company corresponding to the securities;

In case of any dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final interpretation.

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