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Futu free stocks

Futu Free Stocks is a well-designed welfare module for Futu users. You can participate in activities related to gifting stocks at Futu and get a variety of different stock benefits.

1. How can I get the stocks presented by Futu?

Please pay more attention to the welfare activities related to Futu's stocks presented. By participating in the activities, you can have the opportunity to get the stocks presented by Futu.

2. Where can I check the stocks after I get the stocks presented by Futu?

The stocks sent to you by Futu will be placed in the "Trade-Unclaimed-Positions". You can check the stocks in the corresponding stock market according to the nature of the stocks you get (Hong Kong stocks or US stocks). (To ensure that you can use it normally, please upgrade the client to the latest version)

3. How can the stocks in the pending positions be traded normally?

You need to manually swipe the stocks to be picked up to the left, there will be related pick-up conditions, pick-up validity period and pick-up button in the back; during the pick-up validity period, when you complete the tasks shown in the pick-up conditions, you can light up the pick-up button and click T +The stock will be automatically transferred to your trading position within 4 working days, and then you can trade normally.

4. Why are the conditions for receiving and using the same stock different?

The conditions for receiving and using stocks may be different. They are determined by the specific rules of the corresponding activity. You need to read the specific rules of the corresponding welfare activities carefully to confirm the different content such as the receiving conditions, use conditions and validity period of the gift stocks. .

5. What does expiration date mean?

The validity period means that you need to complete the tasks shown in the receiving conditions within this time, light up the receiving button, and receive the stocks into the trading position. If you have not completed the tasks specified in the claim conditions within the validity period or you have completed the tasks specified in the claim conditions but did not click to claim stocks, you will not receive the corresponding stock awards.

6. Why does the stock given to me still show a cost?

The cost is determined by Futu according to the market price when you successfully receive the stock, just to facilitate you to check the profit and loss more intuitively, not your real cost.

7. Why does the stock sent to me show that it is out of stock?

There are too many users receiving stocks at the moment, and Futu stocks are temporarily sold out, and timely purchase will be arranged; after the purchase is completed, it will automatically become available for collection.

8. I got the stocks that are not eligible for receiving, why should I open an account?

When you receive stocks, you need to have a corresponding securities account to receive the corresponding stocks. Therefore, before receiving stocks, please open a securities account first, otherwise Futu will not be able to give away the corresponding stocks and transfer them to your securities account.

9. I have completed the task of receiving conditions for multiple stocks at the same time, why only one of the stocks can be received and the others remain unchanged?

Only one stock can be received after completing a claim condition task. The system defaults that the stock with the highest value (market price * quantity) among the several stocks waiting to be received will be given priority. Other stocks need to be completed again to receive the claim task.

10. Why did the stock that I just got expired immediately?

Some of the stocks gifted to you are subject to non-repetitive tasks (account opening, first deposit, first rollover, etc.), and if you can no longer complete these tasks at this time, the stocks with these receiving conditions will automatically become invalid.

11. Why is the account owed after the stock is sold?

In principle, regardless of the number and source of stocks, as long as real transactions are involved, transaction-related fees will be charged. If there is not enough cash in the account, arrears may occur. For example, if you get 30 yuan from selling odd shares, but if the commission, stamp duty and other expenses total 35 yuan, your account will have a 5 yuan arrearage, and this arrearage will be interest calculated. For specific charging information, please refer to the official charging standards separately.

12. Other terms and conditions

Futu free stocks and related advertisements do not constitute Futu's offer, solicitation, recommendation, opinion or any guarantee for any securities, financial products or tools. Investment is risky and you must be cautious when entering the market; it has no relationship with the company corresponding to the securities;

In case of any dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final interpretation.

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