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Play in the bond market | The ultimate evolution model of bond: bond fund

Maybe at first you were ambitious enough to show up in the bond market and read it all the way back to the risk and tedious nature of the bond-it was really complicated to buy a bond and weigh the risk and consider the profit.

As a lazy and busy small investor, it is quite difficult to invest in a single bond to make a huge return, which requires luck. But the benefits of temptation and the upward trend, people can not give up. At this point, bond funds gradually occupied the center of the stage.

1. Debt base: "stabilizer" in asset allocation

Bond fund is a kind of fund with national debt, enterprise bond, convertible bond and other bonds as the main investment object.

Compared with direct investment bonds, bond companies can effectively spread the risk of single bonds by pooling investors' funds and investing in different bonds. At the same time, many fund companies launch overseas bond funds to fully realize the global ambition to make money.

In addition, the professional team of fund companies will fully investigate all kinds of bonds in the market and choose the best bond portfolio, which is simply a "international one-stop service".

Because of the low correlation with the stock market, the general stock market volatility has little impact on it, so the risk level of the debt base is much lower than that of the stock base, and is even regarded as a "stabilizer" in asset allocation by Benjamin Graham, the "godfather of Wall Street".

2. The tragedy of the world? Debt base overturning logic

So do you make a steady profit by investing in the debt base? FUTU BULL showed a bitter and awkward smile and felt his conscience to tell you that of course there was no such good thing.

First of all, the debt base usually requires 80%. The above assets are invested in bonds, and the rest 20%. Flexible allocation according to market conditions, that is, the debt base can invest in a small amount of other assets, such as stocks. Generally speaking, the higher the proportion of stocks in the debt base, the greater the possible return and the higher the corresponding risk. Stock allocation can really grind people's leprechaun, in the market strength to insert value rockets for the bond base, in the market fall and drop the stone, so that the majority of investors love and hate.

Second, although the bond base spreads the concentrated risk of a single bond, investors still have to have a clear understanding of the bond market rules in advance. In the bond market, credit risk and interest rate risk are the two most common road robbers on the road to making money. On the one hand, if the bond defaults or the market increases the default expectation of the bond held, to a certain extent, it will cause the fluctuation of the net value of the bond base; on the other hand, the change of interest rate will lead to the change of the net value of the fund. If the market interest rate rises, then the bonds in the allocation will "depreciate" and the yield of the bond fund will decrease accordingly.

The income gap between different bond funds is large, so before entering the fund, we must look at the strength of the fund company and the allocation of assets. Generally speaking, fund management companies with strong investment management ability, perfect risk control system and high investment service level are more likely to achieve long-term stable performance, and the proportion of assets with fluctuating returns, such as stocks and speculative bonds, also directly affects the risk and return level of the fund.


We do not have to "talk about loss change". Relatively speaking, the risk of the debt base is still on the low side. In particular, fund managers will avoid default risk enterprises through professional analysis, and diversify the risk through diversified investment. Although affected by various factors, the return of the bond base may not be satisfactory in a short period of time, but in the long run, the return of bond funds is still considerable, especially suitable for the pursuit of sound and small ambitious investors.

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