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"Huge amount of yin and Yang" escape skills

Not knowing how to sell stocks is one of the important reasons why many investors get caught up or lose money. After many years of practice, I found that selling stocks based on "massive yin and yang" can make you escape the top.

The so-called "massive yin and yang" mainly includes the following content: on the one hand, "massive" refers to huge trading volume, on the other hand, or more importantly, refers to huge volume ratio (generally refers to the dynamic medium-volume ratio greater than 20); "Yin and Yang" means that with the appearance of a huge amount, the daily K line presents a higher open Yin line or a higher open Yang line. In other words, in the process of a stock's rise, if the stock's trading volume suddenly enlarges or the opening volume ratio is very large the next day. At the same time, the stock price trend of the day showed a higher open Yinxian or a higher open Yangxian, then this is what we mean by "massive Yin and Yang".

"Huge amount of yin and yang" is mainly applicable to the following situations: before the stock price rises sharply, the daily K-line of the stock price is a continuous rising big Yang line. "Huge amount of Yin and Yang" operation essentials: If there is a "massive amount of Yin and Yang", the stock price will often open higher on the day, and the volume ratio is very large, usually greater than 20, but the stock price cannot be closed quickly when the increase reaches about 9%. The time-sharing volume is also significantly reduced. You should sell decisively at this time. The possibility of closing the "high and opening the Yinxian" on the same day is extremely high; if there is a "massive Yangxian", the stock price of the day tends to rise first and then decline, and the time-sharing trend shows all the way. After the decline, the tail market was pulled up by the main force. The daily K-line shows a very long lower shadow line (generally refers to the lower shadow line breaking through the closing price of the previous day). On the surface, the downside support is very strong, but it is actually the main force. Unable to escape, he was forced to pull up the guard plate. When this happens, you should sell decisively in the tail market. Finally, it needs to be explained that most of this selling point appears within half an hour of opening or closing. "Huge amount of Yinxian" often belongs to the former situation, and "Huge amount of Yangxian" often belongs to the latter situation. But no matter what the situation is, investors are required to ship the goods at that time. Don't wait and see and miss the opportunity.

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