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Frequently asked questions about indicator setting

1. Function introduction

The latest version of terminal has supported the indicator parameter setting functionality. After the indicator parameter valuesis modified, Android, iOS, PC, and Mac will be synchronized each time the account is re-logged in. In addition, the indicator display and hidden, sequence adjustment, and the color of the indicator parameter line will also be synchronized between the four terminals.

2. FAQ

Q1: How to adjust the indicator parameter value on the mobile phone? (Similar question: How to modify the MA indicator?)

A1: There are three settings entry:

● Individual stock horizontal screen chart page-settings-indicator settings

● Stock vertical screen page-more-display settings-indicators

● My-Settings-General-Detailed Quotation Page Settings-Indicators

Q2: Why some indicator lines cannot be displayed on the mobile phone but can be displayed on the desktop?

A2: Because the upper limit of the parameter value supported by the current indicator on the mobile phone is less than the upper limit supported by the desktop, when the parameter value set by the user exceeds the upper limit of the mobile phone, it cannot be calculated and displayed.

For example: MA indicator, the range of the desktop end parameter value is 0~1000, and the mobile end parameter range is 0~500.

The parameter value set by the MA1000 indicatorin the figureis 1000, which cannot be calculated by the mobile phone, so the parameter value is displayed as empty.

Solution: If you want to use the indicator line on a mobile phone, just follow the prompts to adjust the indicator to the parameter range that the mobile phone can support.

Q3: Why are some indicators invalid and unavailable on mobile phones?

A3: Because the mobile phone does not currently support the display of custom indicators, when you modify the function algorithm for indicators on the desktop, the indicator will become invalid on the mobile phone.

Solution: Restore the indicator algorithm on the desktop. If you want to keep your original function algorithm, you can create a new custom indicator instead of modifying the default indicator provided by the system.

The actionsfor desktop restoreindicator are shown below:


How to create a new custom indicator:

For more operation details, please refer to PC guide to writing indicators.

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